Expert Mavericks showcases incredible individuals, each one a maverick in their field. It highlights their journeys and struggles that they faced in order to achieve success. This is a book that shares wisdom, heart and soul, with real life practical advice. It’s the sharing of life lessons and inspiration so that others can learn, improve and excel. It is a time of uncertainty and negativity in the world and this book showcases how much opportunity exists & how powerful South Africans are. If you think a little out of the box, if you have a cool idea, if you have determination, if you just believe, then anything is possible.

Join each Maverick on their journey. Learn from their mistakes and grow from their successes. Take these lessons and use them to become the most dynamic, successful Maverick that you can, in any and every sphere of life.

Make your mark, leave a legacy. Be a Maverick, be your best, be bold, be brave, be strong but most importantly take the action to BE!

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Thank you so much for the inspiring happiness at work training – My life has changed for the better.  –

From - Daphne Mashamaite | Faculty of Management, , University of Johannesburg

The team build was incredible , It connected the team and broke down all barriers. We left feeling motivated and inspired for the first time in ages.

From - Micheline Cameron, Bidvest Insurance Brokers

Every organisation should implement this. It is a fresh, fun and powerful way to motivate a team in today’s tough market.

From - Varsha Morar, De Beers Consolidated Mines

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