– Ambassador for Smile foundation and trained over 40 000 people are around the world –

Shareen is …


✅ An Expert Global Speaker

✅ MC (creating awesome events)

✅ Laughter & Happiness Professor

✅ A Happiness & Stress-Less Coach

✅ Managing Director and Principal Facilitator of Africa’s largest and most successful Laughter Coaching Organisation

✅ Finalist in the Small Business Awards South Africa- 2013

✅ Trained and qualified internationally and holds two business degrees

✅ 2 X International Best Selling Author on Amazon

✅ TedX Speaker

What is Laughter & Happiness Coaching?


Laughter Happiness & De-Stress Coaching is a revolutionary technique, developed by a medical doctor over 10 years ago. It causes spontaneous, joyful laughter without having any reason to be happy or having a sense of humour in order to laugh. It is a refreshing and fun idea to use in your business for team building, conferences, key note address, as well as for boosting and uplifting staff morale. Laughter Coaching is currently being used in over 60 countries around the world. Scientific research has proven that Laughter Coaching has the ability to instantly reverse the negative effects of stress on our bodies. It boosts the immune system and transforms individuals by providing a vehicle to attain instant happiness.

Harvard University has said that companies that implement laughter into their organisations, have happier staff who are more productive, have more energy, work better as a team and are more passionate about their jobs. This leads to an increase in profitability. The program has grown and developed and once learned helps individuals to deal more effectively with their stress and challenges on a day to day basis. We seem to have lost the know how of what to do when life throws its punches. These tools will help the participant develop inner strength, master their thoughts, help them to see the positive side and stay calm and focused. When you are calm and focused you are able to make the correct decisions and work more effectively instead of reaction from a fear base when positive desired outcomes can seldom be achieved.

Shareen has lectured, trained and facilitated throughout South Africa and has helped to shift and transform hundreds of the Top South Africa companies and their staff. Her work includes “one on one” coaching as well as small corporate teams, entire companies, workshops, conferences, key note address and seminars. Her belief is that the “sum of the parts are greater than the sum of the whole”. A happy and uplifted company, community or family can only exist and be sustained when all of its’ members are happy and uplifted. Shareen has appeared in many TV and radio shows like 3 Talk with Noelene, SABC News, Journey to the Core, SABC 2 Health 365, YO TV to name a few, She has also been featured in Business Day, Financial Mail, Discovery Magazine, Longevity, Woman Health magazine, Fairlady and many others.

Shareen has done work for the South African government helping them to train thousands of students, training on upliftment and upskilling programs, and through the use of her programs has been able to improve and boost the self esteem, morale, self worth and self love of many individuals throughout South Africa. In addition Shareen has done many charity events for old and young alike. Shareen is a dynamic and passionate speaker and will immediately transform, inspire and educate with simple, easy to use tools that you will be able to access long after her session is over!

Shareen’s corporate programs include, Key note Address, Ice Breakers, De-Stress Laughter and Happiness Sessions, teambuilding, conferences and motivational Talks. Shareen also offers Corporate and Individual Transformer Programs. These programs are designed to create a sustainable and ongoing shift in energy, mood, productivity and over all well being. This program has the ability to transform an individual or company from “the run of the mill ordinary” into something spectacular!

Laughter Coaching also offers in-house public workshops and training courses.

For more information on how Shareen with the use of Laughter Coaching can help to transform your life or for just a wonderful laugh that will leave you feeling both elated and fantastic, contact Shareen at Laughter Coaching.


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