Happy Up your Conference!

Transform your conference from AVERAGE to AMAZING!

Shareen will HAPPY UP your conferences, energise your people and leave them connected and filled with take away solutions for the home and office. Her talks are FUN and interactive. She shifts people’s thinking with her “Stress Less Solutions”, Happiness Recipes and Laughter Coaching and Happiness Tools. Delegates will be empowered with coping mechanisms & taught how to be positive and powerful helping them get through “long boring conferences” and challenging times.

Happy people are more successful at everything they do. Happy people make more money, work harder, sell more, are more connected and bring  greater profits! If you want to empower people to be their best don’t just motivate them with “RAH RAH” and affirmations. Give them real life practical skills.

Conference Packages range from ½ Hour energizers to Full Day interactive Workshops. Our talks are customizable and will transform any event. We take tired, bored delegates and revive them! If you are tired of the “same old…same old” and the “doom and gloom”….


Why Book Shareen & The Team For Your Conference?

Shareen Richter regularly speaks at both local and international conferences. She is a trained and qualified International Laughter and Happiness Professor, Best Selling Author, Global Motivational Speaker and De-Stress Coach.

Her talks are entertaining, thought provoking, interactive and above all FUN!!


Shift negativity into positivity through a behaviour we all do involuntarily- laughing!


Improve delegate morale & improve productivity and performance.


Deliver real and sustainable tools to attendees.


Develop a happy workforce and a happy corporate culture.


Experience greater profitability.


Have fun through laughter.

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