Innovating Happiness

Do you have a great business & want to make it better?

Do you know your people make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Did you know….Compared to the unhappiest employees, the happiest employees:

✅ Give twice as much effort to any task.

✅ Have 65% more energy.

✅ Intend to stay in the role 4 times longer.

We know this because since 2009 we have run an extensive, intensive happiness & resiliency programs into all types of organizations!. We believe that Happiness at Work is a mindset which enables action to maximize performance and achieve potential.

Competition is tough and to be a profitable and keep being profitable means that your people need to be positive, super motivated and driving business! Your staff are your most valuable assets. When people are under pressure either in their own personal lives or because of the economic pressures and responsibilities in the workplace the first thing that happens is fear, anxiety, depression and a lack of being present. This impacts on their output. Have you noticed that you land up with disconnected teams, people who don’t always pull together in crisis, disgruntled customers & a resulting negative impact on your customer service!

Don’t let your business suffer, we can help to change the way your people are feeling and directly impact on your bottom line.


What will Innovating Happiness do for your company & teams?

The good news is that our Happiness@Work Training can help to transform your organisation. We train your teams and teach them how to develop real sustainable tools to empower them to feel more positive and motivated in the most stressful of circumstances. Happiness comes before success!! We will teach them how to cultivate an atmosphere of winning, and of beating the odds. We facilitate a change in mindset and all the tools & training used are based on cutting edge research on “The Science of Happiness” from UC Berkley, USA, Harvard and MIT. We also use tools and techniques from Positive Psychology and deliver practical solutions for building stress free organisations.

✅ Best of all, you can take care of business AND BRING HAPPY INTO YOUR OFFICE.

✅ Happiness@Work is engaging and entertaining, and teaches people how to take responsibility for their own happiness at work.

✅ Happiness @ Work Training ranges from one hour to a twelve-week integrated program.

✅ We appoint Chief Happiness Officers in your organization and train them on how to innovate happiness into your office every day!

✅ Creating happy people and organizations!


Ask us for a customized program that affordable and achievable for your business…


Shift negativity into positivity through a behaviour we all do involuntarily- laughing!


Improve delegate morale & improve productivity and performance.


Deliver real and sustainable tools to attendees.

Develop a happy workforce and a happy corporate culture.


Experience greater profitability.


Have fun through laughter.

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