There can be no doubt that Laughter Coaching significantly reduces stress levels in the workplace.

Our physiological, biochemical, and psychological tests all indicate reductions in stress and improvements in the subjects’ abilities to cope with stress.” Dr MS Chaya, Principal Investigator “Unconditional Laughter And Workplace Stress ~Svyasa University Research Institute, August 2007.

Here are the highlights of Laughter Coaching:

  • It’s fun and easy – there are no postures or skills to learn, no special clothes or equipment required;
  • Stress levels are quickly reduce by 75% or more and stay down as it helps builds stress resistant;
  • Blood pressure drops, circulation improves and pulse rate drops;
  • Lungs are well exercised and flushed of stale residual air – healthier deep breathing is learnt;
  • Blood & major organs are fully oxygenated leaving one bursting with energy;
  • Hearty laughter improves mood within minutes by releasing endorphins that act as mood enhancers and natural pain killers;
  • It lifts depression – even chronic depression may be cured;
  • It boosts self-confidence, creativity and improves communication skills.
  • It provides a fast and powerful no-sweat cardiovascular workout;