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Shareen is the X Factor MC & International Speaker. Her talks are relevant, refreshing & inspiring. Her presentations are interactive, fun and will leave the audience HAPPY, and with a “take away” toolkit that can be used at home or at the office to help shift people into a more positive and successful mental mind space.

We are living in extremely challenging times and keeping motivated, productive, resilient and energised is often difficult . Shareen can help!

She is an expert at helping to create happier, stress-free organisations and individuals. In today’s stressful pace of life and challenging economic conditions it is essential for employees/teams and people to perform at their best.

Having trained Internationally in this specialised field, Shareen brought back to South Africa, “Laughter Coaching”. Shareen’s drive to help organisations attain “Happiness @ Work” has led to her being a Finalist for Sage Pastel 702 Small Business Awards , a speaker at TED X Johannesburg – streamed to over 140 countries and invited as a guest Speaker for the World International Laughter Conference: USA. She has written 2 Amazon Best Selling Books and

will engage and inspire any size audience. She has inspired over 40 000 peeps around the world!!


Why Book Shareen & The Team For Your Motivation?

The Talks….

Shareen provides insight into how and why anxiety, pressure and stress affect productivity, Shareen enables her clients to develop a competitive advantage. Shareen’s fulltime team and affiliates are constantly researching new strategies in happiness, stress management, laughter coaching and positive psychology to develop insights and tools to help organisations and individuals survive the challenges of modern life

She has a unique style that combines interactive participation with cutting-edge graphics and multimedia with solid, researched content, wrapped up in a easy to use “Take Away” package that can be used long after the presentation is over. Shareen is able to connect and inspire with audiences of all levels and functions


Through her motivational presentations Shareen helps people to make the shift they need to release tension, uplift their moods and feel better, whether sitting in the traffic, spending the day in the office or at home.

Here are some of Shareen’s talks:

✅ “Kick Stress in the Butt” –Building resilient happy individuals and companies

✅ Seven Habits of Super Successful people –The essential happiness survival guide to success

✅ Producing Power Performing Teams–Unleashing your “X Factor”

✅ The Pursuit of Happiness @ Work –Future Proofing  Wellness

✅ Paving the way for Mental Fitness –Achieving Success in a Crazy Paced World


Engage and Inspire audiences.


Help clients to develop sustainable, stress-free environments.


Leave them with real sustainable tools to use afterwards.


Deliver a fresh look at producing powerfully performing people.


Tap into the future of work/personal success & well-being.


Energise thinking.


Build connected, creative teams.


Leave you feeling positive, happy & motivated.

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