Happy Up your Teams!

TOUGH TIMES?!&%…. Kick Stress in the Butt with Laughter Coaching Anywhere, Anytime, At Any Place

✅ If you are tired of the “same old” Team Build and are looking for something that is fun, connects, motivates and de-stresses your team, then this is for YOU!

✅ Team Building can be done anywhere (Even in your office) with NO EXTRA props or costs.

✅ Sessions range in time from as little as half an hour, up to 2 full days. We always make sure YOUR OBJECTIVES are met!


✅ You don’t need to be flexible, fit or funny and it’s just plain FUN!

✅ The team building is an interactive learning experience. It’s so much more than just a team build. It’s full of fun and laughter. We break down barriers, connect people and leave them feeling shifted, inspired and happy. The teams will be given a fantabulous “mini happiness toolkit” so they will have physical reminders to help them choose “happy” everyday after the team build.

We do this by using the latest cutting edge tools and techniques from UC Berkley, Harvard and MIT.

We have a full range of “Happiness Tools” available for sale that are super cool as gifts for your teams.


Why Use Laughter Coaching For Your Team Building Event?


Laughter Coaching is an amazingly FUN, INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING activity for your team. Give your teams a fun way to motivate themselves, cope with stress and HAPPY UP the office. Did you know:

✅ Happy employees are give twice as much effort to any task

✅ Have 65% more energy

✅ Stay in their role 4 times longer

✅ Are 5 times more productive

It’s powerful and FUN, participants will learn practical, easy tools that they can take away and use at home and at work life, long after the team build is over.

It’s positive, shifts people into a happy state instantly, enhances communications skills and allows teams to bond effectively with one another. The effects can be measured days and weeks after just one event.

What do we do in a team build?

We innovate happiness!!



Enhance Communication.


Reduce Absenteeism.


Make Business More Profitable.


Reduce Work Stress.

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