Laughter And Happiness For Wellness Days!

Transform your wellness days from BORING to BRILLIANT!

Bring something new and fun to your corporate wellness days!

Laughter is the Best Medicine!!!

Wellness Days are often boring and don’t always get a huge attendance. It’s one of those have to do things for your staff. People are so stressed and under so much pressure why not introduce a Laughter Workshop and teach your staff how to reduce stress, cope better and have loads of fun while they are doing it.

We can do the workshops anywhere. Groups can range from 5 to 500 people. You don’t need to be fit or funny too do it and there are loads of health benefits.

The workshops are fun and interactive. Laughter Coaching was developed by a medical doctor over 20 years ago and is now being used in over 75 countries around the world, changing lives and health every single day.

Our experienced team will share how Laughter helps to create a chemical shift in the brain and in the body and then we experience fun laughter exercises. There is an instant change in the way people feel. We teach them how to develop real sustainable tools to help feel more positive and motivated in the most stressful of circumstances. They will leave empowered with take away tools that can be used in their personal lives and at the office.

We facilitate a transformation in mindset and all the tools used are based on cutting edge research on “The Science of Happiness” from UC Berkley, USA, Harvard and MIT. We also use tools and techniques from Positive Psychology, and Laughter Yoga. We deliver practical solutions for building stress free organisations.


Laughter For Wellness is engaging and entertaining. It’s simple and fresh and teaches people how to choose happiness and manage it, how to bring more laughter into their days and take responsibility for their own happiness at work.


What are the health benefits of laughter?


✅ It Reduces stress and anxiety

✅ Reduces absenteeism & boosts productivity

✅ It Supports your immune system so you stay healthy

✅ Increases endorphins – your happy chemicals!

✅ Core muscle workout

✅ Infuses your entire body with fresh oxygen


✅ Creates a positive attitude

✅ Balances your blood pressure

✅ Releases enzymes to aid digestion

✅ Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

✅ Flushes stale air from the lungs

✅ You don’t need to be flexible, fit or funny and it’s just plain FUN!


Shift negativity into positivity through a behaviour we all do involuntarily- laughing!


Improve delegate morale & improve productivity and performance.


Deliver real and sustainable tools to attendees.


Develop a happy workforce and a happy corporate culture.


Experience greater profitability.


Have fun through laughter.

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