Laughter connects people together and changes the mood and the energy of your workspace

Laughter is a very positive energy and it is infectious. You must be wondering why laughter is infectious. Not only laughter, in fact, all emotions are infectious. Even “seriousness” is infectious. If a manager or the COE of a business is very serious and stresses this usually trickles down throughout the whole company and everyone else is serious and stressed. Positive psychology has revealed astonishing facts about human communication. In the past few decades a groundbreaking discovery show has shown that the human brain is equipped with special nerve cells called “Mirror Neurons” that mimic the behaviour and emotions of people with whom we interact. For example, if you see somebody who is sad, you start experiencing sadness. If someone smiles at you, you may smile back even if you don’t really feel like smiling yourself. This means we are the “product” of our environments. If you are surrounded by happy people, the happiness of the group affects everyone. If you are around grumpy people, your energy is likely to go down and you are likely to start feeling grumpy yourself..One of the most important parts of team building is to support and create a positive environment so that it can enhance the mood and energy of the group.

Mood States and Team Building

The mood is a very important factor in team building. If most of the team members are in a good mood and high spirits then they can lift the spirits of the few members who might not be feeling good. The mirror neurons in brain cells will copy the emotions of most of the group members and this will help to release happy chemicals which will lift the mood states as well. The reason for this emotional resonance is because human beings are very sensitive to emotions of other people.

Laughing with the People

The unique thing about laughing without a reason and the Laughter Coaching technique is that the laughter is unconditional and is being done as a physical exercise. No one is intimidated or humiliated and everyone is doing the same things together at the same time. No one judges anyone else and no one is ever made fun of or embarrassed. It is all positive, and it is laughter in the purest form. There is nothing negative, which is very important for a team building point of view.

Emotional balance and performance of the team

It is comparatively easier to manage a team’s physical and mental stress but it is very difficult to handle a group’s emotional stress as these may be due to bad relationships at home or in the workplace. If your teammates are having emotional problems at home, they will bring all of them to the workplace and if there are relationship problems in the workplace they will carry home. The way an employee feels is critical to the way he or she will perform. Your highly talented and skilled employees can’t and won’t perform well if they have built up feelings and emotions due to bad relationships or emotional stress from either the workplace or their homes. People often do not want to express their emotions or share their troubles with anyone at the workplace. Research has shown that with life’s increasing stressors many people “bottle” up their emotions, which can lead to depression, anger and frustration. A person’s inability to express emotions can turn them into pressure cookers. Laughter Coaching is a unique method that helps to release physical, mental and emotional stress and at the same time helps people feel better quickly. It is simple and quick catharsis to release your built up feelings and emotions. The power in this technique is that is it all done without any talking at all. All these emotions are released simply by a hearty belly laugh.

Supporting Good Feelings for Good Teamwork

The amazing thing about Laughter Coaching is that you don’t have to depend upon your present mood to start working together or laughing together. You can create a good mood just by doing laughter and breathing exercises. Laughter Coaching exercises are the best way to kick start good feelings and happy chemicals within minutes. Laughter helps to release endorphins from your brain cells which are called feel good hormones. Also, due to an increase in the supply of oxygen, laughter makes you feel good. Once you have good feelings within, everything changes in the outside world. Your behaviour and your attitude towards negative situations will change. A positive mental attitude is very important factor in building a good team. Having good feelings is very important to improve relationships among employees within the company and have strong relationships with customers.

Good Team Comes from a Good Leader

A leader is a person who can lead a group of people to achieve a particular goal. An effective leader shows high emotional intelligence . Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand his own sentiments as well as sentiments of other people so that he can empathize with others and builds strong relationships. This is only possible when leader are able to manage their own emotions.

Communication through Laughter

A good leader is a person with strong communication skills. Laughter Coaching exercises help to break the barriers between the staff and the management as well as freeing you from ego and therefore connects people. It is purely a physical exercise along with breathing exercises. Anybody can do it as it is not a mental phenomenon. There is nothing to understand as it is only a fun physical practice which is run in a group. It does not matter what language you speak, how challenged you are or how stressed you may be at the moment that you do it.


Appreciation is the key to seeing value in what you have. It works like a magic to motivate and inspire people. When team members are appreciated and acknowledged , their motivation levels go up and they work more than they normally do. In Laughter Coaching sessions, we learn to appreciate each other. We have a special laughter exercise called appreciation laughter that reminds the members how important it is to appreciate others.

Laughter Brings Generosity and A Giving Attitude

Laughter helps to develop positive mental attitude, openness and generosity in team building sessions. After laughing, people often shift from self-centeredness to an attitude of giving. They are always willing to help and serve others. This attitude is very important from team building point of view. A selfless leader is able to leave a culture of excellence in the organization. This is what we can learn through laughter.

Motivation And Communication

For people working in front office and in sales and marketing, a good attitude and friendly persona is key to being successful. Laughter Coaching helps to bring a smile on people’s faces and helps to generate good feelings within the body. Feeling good from within leads to enhanced communication and motivational skills, thus increasing a person’s client base and customer satisfaction. Clients would much rather deal with a h”happy and optimistic” salesperson than a miserable and desperate one.

Innovation And Creativity

The essence of the Laughter Coaching system is to cultivate childlike playfulness. This playfulness stimulates the right brain activity which is the seat of creativity. This helps to generate new ideas and insights about workplace issues and problems. In this highly competitive market one needs to introduce new ideas and constant innovation to stay ahead. Laughter Coaching will help people to become more creative and innovative.

Increasing Attention Span in HR Training

The human brain cannot concentrate for more than 90 minutes after which the attention span reduces and memory retention diminishes. Even a 5-10 minute Laughter Coaching session can provide a great energy boost during long HR training sessions and conferences. It helps to increase the attention span, enhance learning skills, concentration powers and potential.

Positive Work Environment

Job dissatisfaction and a hostile work environment compel people to change jobs more frequently thus affecting productivity and profitability. Laughter Coaching creates positive energy and improves communication between people when used in team building sessions. Studies done in companies using the Laughter Coaching Technique have also confirmed an increase in positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions, thereby developing an emotional intelligence. This helps to create a more constructive work environment and ensures loyalty and commitment.

Laughter Coaching For Health And Wellness

The basic objective of every human being is to enjoy life, live in harmony with family and have lots of friends to connect with. But, one cannot enjoy life if you are sick, stressed, depressed or have no energy. Laughter Coaching is a single exercise routine which brings physical, mental and social wellbeing in a shortest period of time. People can feel the benefits from the very first session.